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BVGT 310 Gamla testamentets teologi (Old Testament Theology)

Melchizedek A study of the major themes, issues, and approaches to theology of the Old Testament. Emphasizes the contributions of various biblical books and genres to the unity of the Old Testament. Relates theology of the Old Testament to the Bible as a whole, and how to understand the New Testament better in light of the Old Testament. The contextual milieu of the ancient Near East will also be examined for its impact upon the theology and writings of the Old Testament.

Lärare: Ingrid Faro

TE 105 Introduktion till teologi (Diploma)

Kursen introducerar ämnet teologi och ger en bred översikt över kristna doktriner och praxis, inklusive grundläggande frågor om Gamla och Nya testamentet.

Lärare: Pavel Hoffman

MiniCampus 16-17/2-18

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